Goodday Got myself a 66 DeVille with a 472 swapped in. The car has epic patina and lays nice and low but is unfortunately almost undriveable because the genius who did the lowering job torched the frond springs and cut the rears. This makes the car handle so bad that i can't find a supporting word. Iam willing to bag this thing and found a nice of bags from universal air> Seems to look lovely and direct fit also attracts me. Would these get me most off it's Cadillac ride comfort back? The bags will be controlled by some sort of Chinese accu air valve block knockoff & the tank filled with an york edc. The compressor came in some time ago and i tried it round in the engine bay but would like to know the easiest way to install it. My original airco system is gone so there is some space on the top off the engine. Could really use some suggestions on how to mount this thing.