Over the 16th century the engine became popular for women. In the seventeenth century Europeans wore low-priced hats indoors as well as available. Two main types of to select from predominated among men inside 17th and 18th ages. One was a low-crowned cap with a broad brim which was turned up, or cocked, with three sides (the tricorne) or two sides (the bicorne). This type was favoured by means of aristocrats, cavaliers, and gallants. The other type was a taut, high-crowned, round hat that has been worn by Dutch burghers and by English and North american Puritans, among others. European in addition to American women in the eighteenth century sometimes wore often the calash, a great bonnet this resembled the extension top of an calèche, or French carBuy cheap Hats at: http://www.streetsweater.com/