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Site so far....

This is my first blog since sighning up back in December.Gotta say I love it here,people say its dead,but its no more dead the other forum I came from.I 've heard of model builders leaving the site because of drama,but I really dont pay attention to that bullshit.Personally I think if u cant deal with critism as long as its polite,maybe youre not cut out for sharing your work online.Even the rude ones,(whice I havent really encountered)aw just ignore em.

  1. Site so far.........

    by , 05-19-2012 at 07:47 PM (Site so far....)
    Man today is slow on the Model car section.What kinda urks me is that most would rather comment on the Random off topic then on the kats that are actually showing their models and build progress.It should be about building,but I guess we have to step up our game to impress more fellow builders,cant shake the feeling if Im doing something wrong.By all means,comment on the BUILDS be it positive or negative.