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Lowrider Bicycles Clown Luv

Bike Information
Owner: Tommy Woosley
Location: Louisville, KY
Club: str8 clown'n
Frame: 20" Schwinn frame with tank and back skirts molded
Wheels: 20" fan wheels, 144 spoke count
Paint: Candy Red

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Frame custom build by Tommy Woosley, Hank Harris and Danny McCawley From Hostile C.C of Louisville, KY. Frame design by Tommy Woosley. Welding Done by Hank Harris and Danny McCawley. Paint by Danny McCawley and D.H.B. Paint is Candy Red. Twisted 90 bent fork, chrome chain sterring wheel, chrome twisted handle bars, twisted mirrors, chrome twisted goose neck, twisted sissy bar and continental kit, chrome lucky seven sprocket with chrome crate pedals. I would like to say thanks personaly to Danny McCawley, Hank Harris and all the D.H.B for all your help an support.

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