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Lowriders 1987 Monte Carlo LS

Vehicle Information
Vehicle: 1987 Monte Carlo Luxury Sport
Owner: Big Pimpin
Location: KCMO
Car Club: DownIVLife
Engine: 4.3L V6
Wheels: 13x7
Tires: 155/80R13
Suspension: 3 Pitbull Hydraulic pumps, 8" front cylinders, 22" telescopic rear, 12 batteries
Paint: Color matched bright red with gold pearl, gold leafing and red flake accents

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'87 Monte
Featured Lowrider: March 2007
Click to enlarge1987 Monte Carlo Luxury Sport. Complete frame off restoration and upgrade. All work was done in a backyard shop (frame work, hydraulics, stereo, interior, motor, paint!). Built as a street car with the flash of a full show quality car. Everything from top to bottom was color matched to a bright red with gold pearl while gold leafing and red flake accent the body lines.

Body mods on top of all rust repair include shaved antennae and a 42 moon roof. Interior was upgraded to Cadillac pillow seats, gold nardi and color matched dash with built in color bar.

Engine is a 4.3L V6 completely rebuilt and built up for higher performance over factory.

All chrome suspension and color matched smooth frame that accompanies the body paint perfectly.

Stereo includes CD/MP3/Ipod player head unit, 400 watt amp, two 5.25" color matched Sony speakers in each door and two 3.5 speakers in the dash.

Click to enlarge13x7 inch gold and red wire wheels from Homeboyz wrapped in 155/80 R13s for that true lowrider appearance and style.

Suspension consists of 12 batteries, 3 Pitbull Hydrualic pumps (single to the nose), 8 cylinders up front and 22 telescope cylinders in the rear. Modified suspension in front and rear to help achieve 65 with one pump! Four switches mounted on the dash and 1 switch on a cord for hopping.

DownIVLife CC of KCMO.

LIL build up topic is here.

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