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Lowriders Crazy Cutty

Vehicle Information
Vehicle: 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham
Owner: Albert
Wheels: all chrome outers, blue inners
Suspension: ProHopper Hydraulics

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'85 Olds
Featured Lowrider: May 2004 My car is a 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham with a 1987 european front clip. It is painted Candy Cobalt blue with a purple pearl. Car has multi colored flake and candy patterns, pinstriping thoughtout the exterior, undercarrige, suspension, trunk and door jams, the interior, trunk and engine compartment are upholstered in a Dark and Light colored blue/maroon bisquit & wrinkle velvet with sequins and mirrors. The front undercarrige is "All chromed out" with the frame reinforced. The rear section is also chromed,and the frame is painted Cobalt blue. The hydro's are all chrome ProHopper (marzocci pump head) setups with chrome cylinders, dumps, cups, springs, with steel braided and chrome hard lineslines, free floating pump rack with side mounted racks for the NEW 31 group series Workaholic batteries (6), car hits an honest 30 inches, 3 wheel, seesaw, pancake, around the world, it has 10 switches. The wheels are all chrome outers with blue anodized spokes mounted on Brand Spanking new tires and Zenith type 2 prong knockoffs. Car has 3 TV's VCR, Alpine stereo, Chrome Amps with fans, 2-10 inch Kicker subwoofers, (it hits damn hard), Lanzar Mids and High speakers. Swivel seat, water tubes throughout, 18 neon tubes inside, outside and under the car, trunk, hood. The interior has a custom built center console, mirrors on the headliner leading to the above flat screen monitor on the headliner and a monitor in the center console, plus a 10 inch TV in the trunk. All hooked up to the hidden stereo system which pumps out the sounds through the audio system. The areas beneath the hood and trunk have been filled with plexiglass mirrors, all windows are tinted light blue, engine is all chromed out also. Gold leaf and color Pinsriping by "ANGELO", TOO MUCH TO LIST.

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