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Vehicle Information
Vehicle: 1992 Chrysler New Yorker
Owner: Tyson
Location: Orlando, Florida
Car Club: Low Riders Limited C.C.
Engine: V6 3.6 Liter
Wheels: 13x7 gold and color 100 spoke
Tires: 13 inch Remington
Hydraulics: 2 pumps, 3 squares from hoppos

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'92 New Yorker
1992 Chrysler N.Y. Emblems and antenna were shaved. Two electric antennae's were frenched in in the back. Custom Pearl white paint with murals on trunk and rear quater panels. Custom imported purple top. 2 T.V's in the headrests and one in custom enclosure in dash all hooked up to sony ps one. Sony CD player. 13X7 100 spoke rims (Gold and Purple Spokes) with custom 2 prong zenith spinners. @ all chrome Hoppos (Ontario, Ca) pumps with aluminum blocks and three square dumps...Not installed quite yet. Almost everything on car was purchased back in Cali. Either from My home town of Fresno or in LA.

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