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Lowriders Wicked One

Vehicle Information
Vehicle: 1990 Lincoln Town Car
Owner: Lowriderlegend90
Location: Mountlake Terrace, WA
Car Club: Royal Image
Engine: 5.0 Litr EFI
Wheels: Extreme Wire Wheels 13x7 Gold Center with with Lincoln Chips in the knockoff
Tires: 155/80 R13 Firestones
Suspension: 2 Pro Hopper hydraulic pumps

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'90 Town Car
Featured Lowrider: October 2003 The hydraulics were installed by Royal Image Longview Chapter and then hardlined by Side 2 Side Hydraulics in Auburn, WA. The Front Pump is a Pro Hopper 1/2 inch LA Series and the back is a Pro Hopper Pro Competition Pump.

The Mural on the trunk goes like this, the left person is my youngest son Marcus and the man next to him is my Dad who passed away and that's his Harley and then its me and then my Oldest son Tyler on the right. We are the last of the Maryotts so they will carry the Maryott name in the future of Lowriding.

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