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Lowriders ROYAL-T

Vehicle Information
Vehicle: 1994 Chevy Blazer
Owner: Tim Masselink
Website: Go there now
Location: Deltona, FL
Car Club: Unidos C.C.
Wheels: 15x10 Dayton's
Tires: 225/50/15 BFG's
Suspension: Lowered with Belltech springs and spindles. Blocks in the rear.

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ROYAL-T's 1994 Chevy Blazer
Featured Lowrider: July 2001This Blazer has been featured in both LRM and Street Customs and you can see why. Look at all the gold, it's all done up -- front grille, door handles, all 3 wipers, fender trim, bumper bolts and of course the all gold Dayton's. The Blazer doesn't have any problem with getting the bass. It's loaded with a total of 12 subwoofers. They are all 15" MTX's. There's another 12 MTX speakers for the mids and highs so you can hear the music as well as feel it! You can get more info here.

Click to enlarge Only the true lows bring in the ladies!

Click to enlarge Left view at a show.

Click to enlarge This pic really shows the tint.

Click to enlarge Here's a view from the back.

Click to enlarge Low front.

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