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Lowriders Tears Of A Clown

Vehicle Information
Vehicle: 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS
Owner: USOFamily
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Car Club: UCE Car Club (Louisville, KY)
Engine: GM 350
Wheels: Dayton, 13x7, 100 spoke, All chrome, retro style knock off's
Tires: 520-13 Coker Premium Sport Lowrider Series
Suspension: Pitbull Hydraulics, 2 pumps 1" port, Adex dump to the front, 1/2 stainless hardlines, 6 Optima Batteries, 4 switches.
Paint: House of Kolor Kandy Oriental blue

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'64 Impala
LowriderHouse of Kolor Kandy Oriental blue with a Ice Pearl top with random solid patterns, shaved firewall. Done by G&S autobody.

OG pinstriping to accent the body lines, by Kirby.

Engine completly rebuilt above stock performance, chrome fenderwells.

OG white interior with blue carpet.

Stereo is a Clarion Music Catcher, 2 10" Clarion subs, 2 Clarion 6x9's and a profile 600m amp.

Color matched Kandy belly with full chrome undercarriage, chrome gas tank, chrome trunk pan, chrome rearend, chrome trailing arms and rear linkage, chrome upper and lower A-arms, chrome tierods, chrome steering linkage, chrome sway bar.

Engine completely chromed out.

Pitbull 2 pump 1" port setup, 1/2" stainless hardlines, adex dump and 1" check to the front, 6 blue top optima batteries, custom install by Caranto, trunk panels by Dale Jackson.

Every nut and bolt was replaced with chrome, all braces and interior trim chromed.

LIL build up thread: Project Redo

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