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  1. Air Suspensions
    Have you guys seen Bag Riders' new air suspension kits "Super Low"? What do you guys think of it? I think it looks pretty cool! I am excited about it
  2. Lowrider General
    Looking to sell a 97 s-10 pickup with 4” body drop/bags setup. most of the hard work is done, butstarted having children and my own business, which then took the backseat to my hobby. I’ve got roughly 15k into the truck, and another 12k in storage fees. I don’t want to see it go to the...
  3. Air Suspensions
    I have inherited a 1988 Chrysler town and country wagon from my great grand parents. I want to get her low and install air ride. I have lots of experience in the off road world. Now I’m ready to join the low life, sometimes you want the best of both worlds! The car has struts in the front and...
  4. Air Suspensions
    I have a 94 town car I’m about to bag. I’ve seen some that were bagged but I wanted to know what I gotta look forward to. I’m pretty set on a kit I found do any of you have this body style with bags and willing to share some info thx
  5. Air Suspensions
    Whats up everyone! I recently this year got airtekk bags and 3p airlift management installed in my infinite q50. I love it but I am still trying to find a good setting for my damping. I live in pa and anyone who has ever visited here or lived here knows that some areas have horrible bumping...
  6. Air Suspensions
    Hey all, I'm relatively new here to the forum! I've been a lurker for quite some time but only recently have I created an account. I'm 19 from the 805 of Califas - building a Mopar lowrider! I need some advice though. The Chrysler New Yorker is designated as one of Mopar's "C Body" platforms...
1-6 of 6 Results