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  1. Hydraulics
    I'm looking to do a hydraulic setup I my mk4 jetta wagon and I'm not sure where to start. I know the rear cylinders replace the shock but I'm not sure how the cylinder mounts to the car. As for the front do you have to cut up the stock struts to make the cylinder mount upside down and use a...
  2. Lowrider General
    Wondering if anyone Remembers a company or shop back in the day that used to make these crazy hydraulic set ups? I remember seeing builds with like 8 pumps, 2 to each corner, some had 6, 4 to the front 2 to the back. I was thinking Hugh Stillman but I think I’m wrong on that. Anyone else...
  3. Hydraulics
    I have an 89 Caprice, im looking to purchase a new 2 pump kit to get me started, what is the best to start with for everyday cruising lay n play and moderate hopping, not trying to build competition setup, just reliable and nice. I hear Black Magic, CCE, Hoppos, Shortys...etc; Houston is my...
  4. Maintenance & Repair
    What’s the best type of control arms that can withstand hoping the front for my 82 Monte Carlo with Hydraulics. I cracked my upper control arm and I’m looking from some new ones that will last
  5. Hydraulics
    So i juiced my buick and I currently have 3 batts in it but seens like they drain kinda fast. Should i put 4 batts in and how should i run it? Lay and play no hoppin. 2 batts to each pump or 4 to the front and 3 to the rear?
1-6 of 6 Results