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  1. Hydraulics
    I have an 89 Caprice, im looking to purchase a new 2 pump kit to get me started, what is the best to start with for everyday cruising lay n play and moderate hopping, not trying to build competition setup, just reliable and nice. I hear Black Magic, CCE, Hoppos, Shortys...etc; Houston is my...
  2. Maintenance & Repair
    What’s the best type of control arms that can withstand hoping the front for my 82 Monte Carlo with Hydraulics. I cracked my upper control arm and I’m looking from some new ones that will last
  3. Hydraulics
    So i juiced my buick and I currently have 3 batts in it but seens like they drain kinda fast. Should i put 4 batts in and how should i run it? Lay and play no hoppin. 2 batts to each pump or 4 to the front and 3 to the rear?