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  1. Lowrider General
    Hey all need some help, my girlfriend had some pictures taken in the late 90's with a gold Impala and a Purple ElCamino, they were submitted to the magazine and published. The issue that she had was lost in a move or an ex threw it away. Trying to figure out what month/year it was to replace it...
  2. Maintenance & Repair
    Trunk was fine for many years, then one day it become hard to push all the way down, forcing it down caused the trunk to misalign, eventually getting worse out of align each time it was closed. I later learnrd that forcing it down has put a slight bend in one of the hinges, therefore the tweaked...
  3. Hydraulics
    So basically I finally finished setting up a few consoles which I’ve been working on for a while and and it’s ready for shipping and I’m very happy for succeeding this new designs which took me a long while so I decided to share out this post and get your different opinion on how it looks like...
  4. Vehicle Classifieds
    1965 Impala for sale. Fully wrapped frame. Needs work.
  5. Vehicle Parts Classifieds
    Need to buy Luggage rack for 61 thru 64 impala [email protected]
  6. Lowrider General
    Anyone have any insight on what car(s) these hubcaps originally were meant for?
  7. Vehicle Parts Classifieds
    Looking for bare or already boxed 66 impala 2 door frame . N California.
  8. Vehicle Parts Classifieds
    Brand new Zenith 72 spoke with new Remington tires never mounted never on the ground still in box. Dodger blue nipple ring and knock off. Comes with hub adapters 3234038428 located in Victorville CA
1-10 of 10 Results