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Hydraulics Tech - Basic Setup Information
This general setup diagram will give you a basic idea of how a hydraulic system is put together. This is obviously in a simplified form and becomes more complex as you add additional pumps, dumps and switches. However, the layout for a system with more batteries, switches, pumps, and dumps is generally similar. - Basic Hydraulic Setup

A few important details to remember:
  • Batteries should each be 12 volts and wired in series to produce a higher voltage at the pump. Generally, series 31 or group 31 batteries are used. The batteries need to have a good ground to a steel battery rack.
  • If you have three batteries or more, use 3 high quality 12 volt solenoids (Motorcraft SW-3's are the most popular). If you are only using two batteries, use 2 solenoids. Make sure the solenoids are mounted to the battery rack as this creates their ground connection.
  • The switches used are "toggle to center off" switches. Refer back to the tech area for more information on switch wiring.
  • A high guage wire needs to be used to connect the batteries, solenoids and pump motor. Most commonly 0 guage wire is used. 16 to 24 guage wire can be used for wiring the switches, solenoid "s" posts, and dumps.

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