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Hydraulics Tech - Suspension: Struts
There are many methods used to install hydraulics on a front wheel drive vehicle equipped with struts. Below you'll find a few different ways that they can be installed.

On a GM vehicle one major problem will be keeping the vehicle aligned since the strut itself is a major part of the alignment -- as with almost any hydraulic equipped car, you can expect to go through tires quickly. On a honda, and most foreign vehicles, a double wishbone strut suspension is used and alignment issues are less of a problem.

The diagrams and step-by-step pictures below each represent a separate way of installing hydraulics in struts. These are only some of the available methods and it's possible that none of these methods may be the best way to install hydraulics on your vehicle.

Honda's and other foreign vehicles:
Honda's and Similar Vehicles (diagram from Pro Hopper)
McPherson Struts (typical GM struts):
McPherson Struts (diagram from Lona and Sons)
McPherson Struts on a Cadillac Deville:
Installation on a front wheel drive cadillac deville
McPherson Struts using reverse flow cylinders:
Reverse flow cylinders with a pivot on the upper mount

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