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Hydraulics Tech - Suspension: McPherson Struts (Lona's)

Click here to view other strut installation methods.

Below is a diagram on a McPherson (typical GM strut) install method from Lona & Sons.

McPherson Strut

When you weld the original strut plate to the spring let it cool off before mounting it. At the bottom of the original strut housing you must notch it at least 2" so that the cylinder fitting does not go below the bottom of strut housing. The reason being is that the cv boot will get torn when the front is up. When used with accumlator the ride is unbelieveable. Also it saves money on cylinders because you do not have to buy reverse flow. The bearing allows the cylinder to ride on it. Therefore the the cylinder does not come unscrewed after turning the wheel.

The part numbers are the following:
1. strut springs part #3015
2. cylinders 8-1008f 6-1006f
3. lona & sons strut bearing no part number.

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