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Hydraulics Tech - Suspension: McPherson Struts (SERIOUSHYDROS)

Click here to view other strut installation methods.

Thanks to SERIOUSHYDROS for providing these pictures and text.
Visit for more hydraulics tips and pictures.

These I built for a Cadillac Seville. The bracket looks big but the car still laid out with 13x7" wire wheels. There is no spring in the pictures but it did have 1/2 ton mini coils cut in half.

1. Side view
McPherson Strut

2. I like to make special seats for the springs so they dont twist around and squeak.

McPherson Strut

3. Top view with fitting in place.

McPherson Strut

4. This is the bracket. The set screw tightens onto the cylinder to hold it in place. I also drilled a notch in the cylinder shaft to get a better bite on it. The bracket is bolted to a doughnut that I welded to the original strut mount.

McPherson Strut

5. You can see how it pivots when the car is raised and dumped.

McPherson Strut

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