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1/10 scale '79 caddy?

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Hi there everyone,

I've taked to some Unity clubmembers and Joost came up with a rather good idea...thank you Joost!
I'm planning to sculp the '79 Caddy into a 1/10 model complete with Hydro chassis.
The costs of building it are pretty steep that's why I ask this question of interest for the product.
The end product is gonna be a lexan body and a black ABS chassis with the spots for the motors already formed.
And when it is possible and the costs are not high I can let the emblems be photo-etched.
This a plan for 2004...that is when I can find the time to do so.
And as far as the DVD concerns I have a new shoot planned for next week so it will get there one day.

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pretty crazy mayn!!! What kind of costs are you looking at for the average consumer when this bad boy hits the market? Sounds awesome, but that'll probably be one of the biggest or only reason you couldn't push 'em, ya know....
An indication would be around $40 bare chassis included...that's what I have in mind. ;)
so would this be just a hopper/dancer. would it drive/steer? R/C i presume.
Honestly, I'd seriously say put me down for one & maybe a cpl as gifts & shit. Been lookin for something like this to lure me into that world. Strict static builder that for a time built a lotta hoppers, so yeah put me down for one. Could totally have some fun with that.
Originally posted by jevries@Dec 16 2003, 08:36 AM
2 is a go hehehe :biggrin:
Altho this project is planned for 2004 I already made some plans on how I'm gonna make the model and mold....does anyone now a website with pics of how other guys made their model and molds?
I saw guys carve their own car bodies out of a clump of wood, clay and urethane. I want to build it out of an assorti of styrene sheets based around a rough wooden skeleton. When I was a little boy I've build the Ghostbusters Ecto mobile in sort of the same way but then I uses paper and cardboard...
I want one NOW! And if it fits the RC Radioshack frame then I might buy two of them.
just a thought, but couldn't you use some 2-part foam, and carve it out of that? then maybe vacuform? I'm not sure on how the molding process works, but foam seems to me it'd be an easier medium to work with.
right on cant wait i love the caddy's :biggrin:
I have some of that 2 component foam but it's prolly not the right formula there are 4 different types and #4 is the tightest in structure and the best for carving out I have #2...expensive stuff.
Why I'm gonna build it up using styrene is that I have full control on the curves of the panels by using ribs and layering.
Bondo I will use on the roof to get the right angles and the grill and bumper I prolly gonna build seperate because it's easier to get it right and maybe even get it chromed.
The disadvantage of vacuform is that the scuplture can't have angles that go beyond 180 otherwise it doesn't pop off afer the process.
After I made the original I have to use RTV rubber and gypsum to make a negative mold, pour special gypsem poylmere in that one and what you end up with is a very strong postive "plug". ;)
sounds good. i didn't know much about the proccess but i thought i throw an idea :)
told you theres a market for a caddy haha :D;) 79 fleetwood with a castle girll scale 1/10 body with a prebuild frame, so everybody can build in their motors and all!

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Yo Joost - lovely oldschool setup in your avatar *bling* ... NICE!
If I were to desigin a new model, I would first build the car and car parts by using a 3d animation or design software package like CAD, Maya or Lightwave, then I would contact a company like Z Corporation and have them make me a phisical 3d model from my computer data. That's how toy and other manufacturing companies do it these days.

Here are some links to some 3D printing companys all you need to do is give them the data and they will make the first phisical model.

for more do a search on 3D printers on Google

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