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14x7 OG wires with juice or 13x7

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I know this type of question has been asked a million times but no one ever really mentions actual wheel brands besides Daytons. I don't want to pay for Daytons so I want to run chinas. Is anybody with a coupe running 14x7 OG wires in the back without a problem. I was told by someone who said they had them that they fit and no trimming was needed. Can someone back this up. I want the wheels to tuck in the rear while driving with the rear end down.

It makes me wonder if they fit then a 13x7 OG wire should also fit right? I would rather ride 13s and I know I would have to grind the caliper in the front but I haven't seen a straight answer about them on the back beside trimming the inner fender lip. Is there anything else so that I can run and tuck 13" OG wires in the rear?

Or what does it take to tuck the 13s the Homeboys sales in the rear?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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