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17" or 18" k/o for 95 lumina

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oversized brake calipers..the back spokes hit the caliper....was wandering if a bigger size k/o would clear the caliper..its got stock 16" on it now...any info will be appreciated
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yup 13 inch std wont fit a s10 pickup but 14 inch std will so yes if you go bigger it will fit
thanks bro....really sucks..i got a set of 13s and cant even use em..oh well im sure somebody needs
thanks again
I have a 96' Monte Carlo and I have 20" k/o's on mine. I had to grind down my brake calipers cuz my spokes were scraping.... you could just do what I did... still had to grind em down with dubs...are they std or rvrse?
i would have NO caliper left...i already looked at that option
They're std... I put them on and rolled slowly down the driveway and heard it right away. Put nice ass scrapes on my back row of spokes :angry: It wasn't that bad tho....

Check em out...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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