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Check it out! The new 175/75R14 Remington whitewall. We have waited for this for at least 5 years and now they are back. Get 'em while they're hot, ONLY 32 LEFT IN STOCK. Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Motor vehicle Wheel
We carry white walls in all the popular sizes, including 225/60R16 and 235/75r15 with a 1.25" WW

15580R13 MILESTAR 1/2" WW $47.00
17570R14 84S SURETRAC 1/2" WW $75.58
17575R14 REMINGTON 1/2" WW $75.58
20575R14 95S SURETRAC 1.25" WW $57.92
20575R15 97S SURETRAC 1.25" WW $60.95
20570R15 95S SURETRAC 1.25" WW $59.90
22575R15 102S SURETRAC 1.25" WW $67.57
23575R15 105S SURETRAC 1.25" WW $71.82
22560R16 97S SURETRAC 1" WW $65.13
19575R14 92S SURETRAC 1.25"WW $53.59
21575R15 100S SURETRAC 1.25"WW $61.88
22570R15 100S SURETRAC 1.25"WW $71.32
21570R15 97S SURETRAC 1.25" WW $64.22

Call 623-209-8484 or 1800-405-5115 to place an order or to have them professionally installed on your car.

We also buff whitewalls, here is an example...
Tire Automotive tire Product Auto part Automotive wheel system
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Synthetic rubber Auto part
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