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17's up 18's

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What is the difference between 17 inch wheels, comparied to 18 inch wheels. I know it's an inch difference, but the real question is, is it a very noticable difference?

In your experience with wheels, is just 1 inch extra, worth the extra money, and is it noticable?


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to me yes there is a difference think about the difference between 13s and 14s if you want big get big...if i were you i would get 18s before i got 17s unless you like vogues then i would roll 17s and vogues.
rubber prices :biggrin: :biggrin: big diff....the 18s are more common thus less expensive for rubber
ya i had to make the same decision a few weeks ago i chose to stick with 17'z
Depending on the size tire you'll need to stuff them in your wheel well, the 18's are gonna be a rougher ride too.
Why is the ride rougher?? I'm thinking about putting them on a Cadillac. The ride on the Caddy is nice, but how much do you guys think the new size wheels will effect??

Because as your wheel size increases your tire aspect ratio is gonna have to drop. And depending on the tire type, the lower the profile, the tighter (rougher) the ride.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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