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19'' kmc wheels fs ft

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must sell soon. 19 kmc split five star. asking 1100. wheels are uni four lug. one wheel has a cub check. the when is not crack. tires are in a-1 condition. no cuts, no nails/screws. comes with 6 spacers and new lug nuts.

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wheels come free with purches of car. car is 76 buick skyhawk. 49000 org miles. no rust drives great. very rare

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you can get adapters at your local dealer to make them 5 lug. like 100 bucks. through out the offers in need them gone.
did someone chop that wheel with a machete :0
no. hit a piece of steel. tire is fine and it looks alot worse than it is. it doesnt go into the rim at all. just the edge
thats actually a kind of cool looking car. does it run and shit?
its just about perfect. 49000 miles. no rust. runs great. very rare.

ill find the link for it.
how much 4 the car?
4500 with the wheels. 49000 og. miles. no rust do dings, runs great, very rare. trades ?
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