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1950 Ford Custom

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SO MUCH DAMN FLASH !!!! its like a fuckin sheet of plastic with peices in it ... but that didnt stop me from finishing 80% of it in 2 days... just needs to be assembled to day and ill have some pics tomorrow :cheesy:

Candy Blue Pearl w/ a silver base and 5 shots of clear :0
with a set of wires w/ gold spinners

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i might need to find me one of those. :biggrin:

flash like a mofo huh bro? tell me about it... i got up yesterday morning and planned on painting one of my '50 austins. i finally got the color scheme pretty much fingered out and BAM!!! flash flash flash :mad:

i'm still hitting it with a blade, files, and sandpaper. i had to smoothe out all the molding lines on the body and everything. while i wa at it i took the files and rounded the body out. looks sweet now. :thumbsup: i just gotta do a quick once over with some paper, clean it up and go to spraying. :biggrin:
The Standard 50 is much cleaner if you can find one, I have 2.
Then do your own custom wheels and stuff, very cool model though
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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