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This auction is for a 1955 International S/R100 great true custom pickup. Runs great, tons of power, and a fun vehicle to drive.
The cab is a S-100 dual window and the bed and front clip is from a R-100. It has suicide doors that need a little more clean up where the hinges were flipped and the latches were moved. Both the drivers side and passenger side windows are shattered, but in one piece to make a template on sense they are a flat glass. The front window is in great shape and has no chips or scratches. The rear windows are also in good shape with no cracks, but around the edges you can see where the glue is holding the glass pains together.

7-day listing,
Ends Aug-28-05 21:51:55 PDT

Start time:
Aug-21-05 21:51:55 PDT


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