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1957 Bel Air Convertible

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I have been looking for a 57 or 58 Rag For about three years, now i got her!!! This is going to be a slow build so please be patient with me....:thumbsup:.. I did have the opportunity of taking this car to a shop and drop it off with the homeboy Grinch who found it for me., But I love the challenge and the grind of building cars.... After Building my 64 vert I decided to step into a big boy build ....!!enough with the chit chat here she goes.... The motivation for this car comes from So many areas .....The formula 64 rag... Trino 64rag.... Golddigger 57rag .... SKIM ALL OF HIS SHIT ... The blueprint 57 Rag capital punishment 57 Rag..... And of course 8cents 58 ........ you guys get where I'm going...... I LOVE THIS LOW RIDING GANGSTA SHIT

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Ttt to the homie with the 57 drop !!! :) good luck with the build homie
Thanks homie,:biggrin:, I'm ready!!!
This picture should have been first we are pulling it out of the barn literally!!!!!!
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Whoops sorry about the earlier pictures I didn't know if you delete something from Photobucket it erases the picture.....
Nice you guys ever come down for the moultrie swapmeet
Bump for my homeboy doing hes thing,,, I know this ride gonna be sik once its done..
Damm homie ima watch this build the rag looks solid as fuck congrats homie keep the pics coming
So what did a project like that cost
Fa show.... I live in Boyle Heights off of first and Clarence...,!!!!!! Aliso Village ha ha haa
So what did a project like that cost
more than I wanted to spend...:D
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