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1961 Buick LeSabre Kustom

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1961 Buick LeSabre 2dr sedan. This is a rare car, only 5353 made. Everything is shaved, airbags with a 10 switch set up. 15x7 Astro Supremes with Diamondback Classic radials. 401 nailhead, Dynaflow tranny, ps, pb. Has Bellflower tips. All House of Kolors paint. Zineth Gold with Sunset Kandy pearl flaked roof. Int. is original, very nice still, with Mexican blanket's, cd player, with Tiki theme all over the car. Has been in a couple of magazines and is due out in Ol'Skool Rodz soon. For more photos or questions PM me. 20,000 or trade. Located in Little Rock, AR.

Here's a break down of the cpmlete airride set up.

(1) Viair 450 100% duty cycle compressor
(1) Square D Adjustable pressure switch
(1) 5 gallon, 10 port tank
(4) contitech 1/2" ported bags.
(8) 3/8" mac 380 valves
(2) dual needle Viair analog gauges
3/8" lines and all nickle plated fittings
Front and rear mounts.
Shock relocators
(4) shocks
(1) 10 switch switchbox


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Nice Ride Homie...Good Luck with the Sale :thumbsup:
Thanks guys.
did i read the price right, or did you accidentally add on an extra "0" ?
Originally posted by nwa_fo_lyfe@Aug 12 2005, 04:50 PM~3606266
did i read the price right, or did you accidentally add on an extra "0" ?

20,000/or trade.

I'm really looking for a pre '55 Suburban.
:) New lower price! :)

:0 $15,000 :0
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