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“New manufactured 3D Printed AC Vents out of high quality Nylon 12 material to last another 50 yrs.”

Why pay an average of $411.00 + restoration fees ($100+/hour) for used 56 year old, not in production 1963-1964 Impala AC vents. If your tired of looking for some one to post used AC vents that are not cracked, brittle, chipped, eggshell like, that still need to be restored, and will probably not last another 10 years, then bid on my auction or buy now.

New 3D Printed re-designed 1963-1964 Chevrolet Impala dash vents. The vents are made from Nylon 12 (PA 2200): This material offers excellent strength and stiffness, good chemical resistance with excellent long-term consistency in material properties. The structure of the vents was redesigned to prevent failure/cracking at the fastener attachment points. The vent duct was also redesigned to withstand hose clamping force.

The assembly will come with brand new chrome vent louvers, fasteners, and vent ball felt seals. 3D printed vents come unpainted and only require light preparation work for painting.

If interested check out my eBay listing seen below or search "1964 Impala AC vents" in eBay or email me at [email protected].

NOTE: 3D Printing Nylon 12 powder is only kept in inventory and AC vents will be manufactured (3D Printed) at the sale and payment of the auction. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for manufacturing depending on build scheduled and demand.


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