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1964 impala 4 door for sale

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1964 impala 4 door parts car/restoration for sale. Car has a 283 engine, automatic transmission, all glass is good, damage to rear right quarter, rust on front lower fenders and on rear quarters. If you are interested leave a response. I could email you pictures or get in touch with you.
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what are you asking for the car?
located in richfield utah.. about 285 miles from vegas . Asking price is $900.

Here's a pic of the impala.. I also want to add that price is negotiable
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After lookin at other rides.. change the price of this to $500
got pics of damage and rust an also clean tittle?
are the floors gone?
yes, clean title... rust is on rear quarters, the rocker panel, front lower fender, as far as i know the floors are not gone. I was going to use this car as a parts car, but i don't need it.
hey bro where is this car located???? i want it.
what all is wrong with it? does it run?
This was supposed to be a parts car for me and i don't need it anymore. Other than what i listed above... car doesn't run... it would be a cheap project car...
DAMN almost worth the drive
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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