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1964 impala factory interior pics

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Could someone post a few pictures of some 1964 impala factory interior (blue) & where did you purchase it from. Thanks, slim
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Cant go wrong with a CARS1 interior, here are pics of my homies 64

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Originally posted by ol urk@Jan 10 2009, 06:08 PM~12664294
Did he get the whole interior from cars inc. or just the seat covers. If he got the whole kit did he have to get extra stuff too. Some kits I have seen in the cat-a-logs I have they don't all give you the same stuff.
There is no "complete kit" I would just make a list and place order for everything. Theres so much pieces like door locks and ferrules, chrome arm rest base, interior trim screw kit, headliner, visor, visor brackets, rear view mirror, door sills, kick panels, sail panels, sail panel lights, dash fascia, dash knobs, glove box liner, ash trays, rear arm rest, headliner trim, package tray, carpet, handles, cranks, etc...As far as seat trim get that restored, also maybe even headliner trim might be cheaper to get restored then brand new.

Dont forget the small details like painting the seat tracks, kick panel vents, and rear speaker housing. Also take your cluster apart and clean inside of it as it collects dirt thru out the years... Also would be a good time to polish out your lens.

Just a quick run down so im sure i left out many details...but its just more to give you a basic idea...Post pics when you get it done :biggrin:
Originally posted by Ragtop Ted@Jan 10 2009, 07:36 PM~12664901
Go with Cars either way.  They are the best quality.
Quality is great! I dont see myself going another route when doing my interior ever again!
Originally posted by ROBERTO G@Jan 11 2009, 02:54 AM~12668191
fuck that just get pics an take that to an upholstery shop so you can get real leather instead of vinyl
If you are going for a custom look. Me myself love my OG interior and IMO leather would look ugly in there, not to mention when it starts cracking :barf:
Originally posted by A&W@Jan 17 2009, 10:14 PM~12736814
More pics please
ill see if i have more
Originally posted by ROBERTO G@Apr 1 2009, 12:21 PM~13454367
real leather doesnt crack as fast as vynil, and i didnt mean putting yellow or some shit like that, i was talking about the og colors
ive had my car in direct sunlight for a year and vynil looks brand new :cool:
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