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1964 impala juiced

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sup guys looking for a bomb in decent condition man, hit me up. i have a 1964 impala with new 283 motor. the car has a 3 pump pro hopper setup installed this year. has 13s and paint is decent. again not a hsow car but definitely a great cruiser. i have a telescopic driveshaft and billet center support. hit me up, again im looking for a bomb 1948-1954 pm me thanks


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nice car
hey a friend of mine has a big project its a 1953 plymouth cranbrook he is not sure what he wants for it but i can post pics later on but the engine is seized up so thatll be a big problem so get at me and ill getu them pics
i dont have none right now but i will take them in the next few days, im on vacation! :biggrin:


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ttt holla at the kid man,,,,,i need a bombita! i got bomb fever fellas
well kinda,,, but something runnign at least u know in fair condition, again my car is no show car, but its pretty decent,, its got its dings dents and scratches. but its a car that i have a some benjamins in already, not selling just into the bomb thing hard so thats basically it. hit me up
i got a 48 fleetline 4dr(german helmet)complete runing motor and working tranny has everything but the skirts wont let me post the pics but its a nice solid project needs complete resto and i got some feria :biggrin:
send it to my email! [email protected],,
i have a 54 chevy sedan deluxe i can have everything shaved, frenched, smoothed out, and painted up in like three weeks if youd be interested, it runs and drives great but ive let it sit for 4 years since driving it last so it needs a fuel pump, battery(still got the 6 volt system), and a new wheel cylinder for the front driver brake. i used to take that thing down the highway and everything. well anyhow, its a nice car and if i knew you were interested in it id have the body and paint done in a couple of weeks to trade ya. looks rough in the picks but its already in the bodyshop. was going to paint it mercedes silver with gold flake. let me know through a pm


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i have a 54 and a 48 that i started to work on and have not finished,if interested let me know.
got a daily driveable 51 i'd trade, you can keep your wheels/pumps/stereo as well, i'm an impala guy at heart..... PM me if interested,and i'll send pics and/or video...

i'm in WV, not that far of a drive.....
pm's sent guys
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