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1966 Impala Lowrider

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I have more pictures.

8 new truck batteries
4 porky pumps
14" back
8" front
12 switch box
nice paint w/ little flakes
Daytons w/ good tires
New 350 small block purchased locally
I installed the engine and I have photos of the entire project
A lot of chrome.

908-393-2643 ask for Chris. I will only talk to people on the phone and i'll be more than happpy to show more pictures as well as schedule a time to look at the vehicle.
I'm selling the car because i just do not have the time to even take it out anymore. I only took it out once this entire summer. I work F/T, take online classes, have a baby girl, a P/T business and just no time for the car.

Thank you!

Manny from Individuals, CC might remember me.
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The photos are B&W. I can get color photos if you call me. 908-393-2643 ask for Chris or l/m
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The engine is about 2 years old. Still under warranty. Only about 300-400 miles at the most. I live in Somerville, NJ and the vehicle only goes to the local cruise Fridays during the summer.

Original set up. I purchased 8 new batteries at Pepboys last year.
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THE SWITCH BOX was replaced w/ a 12 switch box. that one was EXTREMELY large.

This is the OLD switch box. I just wanted to share the photo because it was crazy big!

THIS IS THE OLD ENGINE. 283cc. The engine was replaced with a new 350, but i wanted to show that even the old engine was clean the vehicle was in great condition. The engine was replaced because it was cheaper to buy a new 350 than rebuilding the original 283.

NOTE: All these photographs were taken around the end of last summer 2005. This summer I only took the vehicle out once. For more photos or to schedule a time to see the car, please call me CHRIS 908-393-2643. Please leave a message or ask for Chris. The engine has a chromed oil pan, chromed trans pan, oil filter, and starter. A rear cover is also chromed. The vehicle is in great shape, but i do not have the time. I hope this photos help you get an idea.

**** I do not check this site frequently because it's blocked from my job. Please call. I am not going to have a discussion about my vehicle. I just wanted to see if someone wants to buy it here; otherwise, i'll ebay it. If you are interested, please call. Thank you again!

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This are photos from last summer.

some of the pics were taken w/o a hood. The car has a hood

my wife w/ my parents at the local cruise night


That's about it.

CALL 908-393-2643 Leave a message or ask for Chris
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Originally posted by 59Impala@Oct 10 2006, 07:38 AM~6338904
price would be nice.
Originally posted by 59Impala@Oct 10 2006, 06:38 AM~6338904
price would be nice.
Look at the top /\ /\ /\ $9500... TTT for a sweet n clean 66
I listed my asking price at the top of this post. $8500
I would only consider trading for a vehicle/truck/suv that can be driven daily. Of course, in great condition too.

Thank you.

I'm in Somerville, NJ 08876
If someone is interested in trading for a daily, please note that i'm interested in an automatic. otherwise, i'll take an offer.
how about a bomb???? and a mint 1989 corvette tpi motor? with 700r4 tranny????

hit me up let me knwo what we can do?? if not
damn thas a pretty 66 if i seen one! goodluck wit the sale!

hit me up
and a brand new 10 mtx sub powerwedge box, 900 watt mtx amp new, 13.5 flipdown, and dvd/tuner player.... i give you everything i own for that 66! very clean!
man if wasnt building a house right be all over this!!!!!!!
Originally posted by daoriginator64@Oct 14 2006, 09:24 PM~6370275
and a brand new 10 mtx sub powerwedge box, 900 watt mtx amp new, 13.5 flipdown, and dvd/tuner player.... i give you everything i own for that 66!  very clean!
Your car is very nice. Unfortunately, the main reason i'm selling/trading my vehicle is because I do not have the time anymore. I've been really busy at work, starting my master taking classes p/t, and my wife and I just had a baby. I'm sure many people have similar situations and still keep their rides, but I had to arrange my time a little different and the Impala has been left behind.

I'm interested in trading for a vehicle that would work as a daily driver and this can be anything from minivans to trucks. Of course selling it would be my 1st choice if someone is interested. Thank you!
:0 :0
Clean ass 66 homie :thumbsup:
TTT thats alotta switches homie
i got a 99 expedition for sale in great from jersey also...ill get pics of interested....
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