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You heard it, im droppin the $$ price on this like a mother fucker (dropped $8300), i found something i wanted more...If it dont sell for this $$ price in a week, it goes back to where is was ($16,500)...Now is your CHANCE!!!

1970 Buick Riviera Custom...Would be interested in trades or partial trades...Car is GM Blue /w metallic flake SLICCKKK CAR!!!...Has a painted black engine compartment, with a powerful 455BB all painted up, running through a B&M shifter...Summit Racing exhaust /w flowmasters (sounds GOOD)...Car runs good, however when you stomp on the gas, it lags alittle bit due to it SITTING, needs to be driven and it will go away...When in reverse it makes a clicking noise, mechanic said it was something small and stupid, nothing serious...Brakes need to be bleed, they are soft (pump them and the are better)...Interior is all black...20s with about a summer left on the Toyo Proxies 4...Car has lowering springs...It also has TILT that works...Brand new carpet installed...Brand new headliner installed...Trunk pan completely patched...Floorboards completely patched...Car has scratches and chips, normal wear, alittle wavy, paint is decent, not a show car, it is not perfect by any means...Paint is probably a 6.5/10...92% completed...Car is not that big of a project, it could be all done (not including paint) if you sat down with all the parts and put ur mind to it, you could finish it in a day...PLENTY of spare parts come with it to be VERY close to completing it...A day and $800 away from being to a show stopper!!! $8200 CASH...CHITOWN

Needs to be road ready:
Dash put back together (lights, etc. won't work til the dash is back together, even then might need some work)

Things that should be done:
Interior finished up (sail panels and finish trim for headliner)
Driver's door panel should be replaced or revamp the bottom
Hood springs
Driver's side rear tail light lens
Replace the rear bumper (maybe even the front) if it was going to be a show car
Hood and door jams painted
Weather stripping
Headlight lenses replaced
Trunk and hood emblems (or if you were going to shave them, it leaves the option open)
Fine tune the car
Change valve cover gaskets
Paint the underside of the car

More pics:
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