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1978 Monte Carlo

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So I picked up this model with the intensions of making it a drag car, but with the buildoff that we had today, I couldn't' finish the custom frame and just used the stock frame. Overall a very fun build and the fastest model I have ever built, also my first of the new year, ENJOY! :)

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Originally posted by rollinoldskoo@Jan 1 2009, 10:35 PM~12580845
nice..... but its a 1980 monte carlo ;)
my bad, box didn't say on there, but my uncle kept on calling it a 78 so I assumed it was a 78 :)
Is that like a snap-on vinyl top or something?Looks good man.One day build?WOW.
the vinyl top just kinda lays on top, i can let it rest on there or just take it off. and yep started painting last night and finished a little while ago
1980 was the only year of the 78-80 bodystyle with the double headlights ;)
okay cool ;)
thanks man
I'm not a very good modeler but one thing I always have done is blackwash the grills lol. seems weird that an unexperienced modeler does it and I've seen some badass modelers that dont do it :biggrin:
nice build Homie
Monte,s are badass :cool:

ya, I always had a thing for G-Bodies
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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