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i finally got my cutlass back at my house..i traded a 90 celica for this cutlass and an air compressor... not goin to go all out crazy with it cause i wanna finish it by summer. i got 2 motors with this car..the stock one and a 350 rocket....unsure of which one i wanna put in yet.

heres how it looked when i got it home

here was an original pic i found of it before some of the body got started

right away i started to put the cylinders in the front

here it is after putting the cylinders in front and puttin my rims on it

i have to buy showballs yet to do the back otherwise i got 12 inch cylinders for the back. needs alot of sanding and stuff but thats what all winter is for. i got some pumps layin around from previous vehicals imma throw in for not goin to do the frame .....not goin to be hoppin or 3 wheelin just goin to be moving up and down.....thats all for now ill keep posting as i work on it....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts