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Hi Everyone, i'm new to this forum and would like to start by thanking anyone and everyone with information that is helpful.
My dad bought in 1985 an Osmobile Toronato coupe, and to this day is the original owner. It's at of this moment not in working condition, but all the parts are there and nothing has been taken apart.
The Picture attached is of a similar car (not mine), unfortunately mine is under a tarp blocked by a few things to get some pictures out.
I would like to find a buyer for it and estimate a fair value for the car from the community.
We just don't know what it's worth and doing some quick research estimates range from a couple of grand for parts to 10k+ mint. I'm guessing were somewhere in between.
I'll try to get more pictures over the week.

Some details:
1985 Osmobile Tornado
Color Blue/Grey
Interior Color Blue/ Velour
Original miles ~100k miles or 160k kms
Location: Montreal, Canada

Paint - ok
Interior - Good
Motor - Rebuilt burns oil
Tranmission - Good
Bumpers and trim - Good

Like i said any info is helpful and is greatly appreciated.


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