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1987 cadillac deville kandy paint

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2 pump prohopper kandy brandy wine pattern all gold dayton gold bumper grill e&g grill for more in fo pm me

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how does she roll with the juice being a FWD car?
strut cut and made custom
it kind of hard to see it painted black reforced it build not to last
i said wrong it build to last it was done by southern auto sports
has 2 pro hopper 10 switches 4 batt
all chrome pump
bucket seat in side all done up

IMG_0524[1] flaco.JPG, file size(4563.806KB) is greater than 2500KB

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got any trade in texas
cammillion pattern all over car even mural
Originally posted by flaco361@Mar 14 2010, 02:37 PM~16887590

not for sale
make a offer
ever where i show it i got first place
its pretty nice flaco you get rid of it soon
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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