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Pleas read everything, I'll do my best to let you guys know EVERYTHING I know about the car

Whats good people, I got here a 87 chevy caprice for sale. Car has been sitting for a few months or so(like 4months tops), I havent really been into driving it in a while. I have a motor project I would like to get going for another car I have so I really need the money to get the ball moving on it.

I'm only asking $800 Firm!, Car has about 141,xxx miles on it. It has the 4.3L 262 V6 engine which does pretty good in gas mileage in my opinion for such a heavy ass car.

Motor starts RIGHT UP every time for me. Never once have I hoped in the car and wasnt able to go anywhere I needed.

As for the moment only thing I know wrong with the car mechanical wise is just that sometimes the check engine light pops on and off every now and then. I had a friend of the family do a diagnostic check for me and he said it just needed a major tune up. New plugs/wires/ cap and rotor/air filter/oil change you guys know...the usual.

Exterior of the car is okay, the guy I got the car from let his dad drive it a few times and he fucked up the front clip and front bumper just a lil, but no worries I put on a new 90's clip/bumper/corner light/ and one head light.

The rear driver side quart panels has a nice size dent in it, about the size of a small ball.(should be able to see in pics below) its not that bad really.

Passenger side has a dent starting from the rear of the front fender then goes into the front door a little.(I dont know what the hell they side swiped to do it) But also its not that bad.

Drivers door handle is broken but you can still open the door with it. I think last time my girl drove it she slamed my door shut too damn hard and broke it.

Other then that there are no major body work needed really, just a few dings here and there.


There is no headliner, never had one. I have all the interior trim that goes around the windows except the front right side A pillar was broken. I just took it out and tossed it.

The seats have wear some tears here and there, they currently have fitted seat covers that were made for the seats.

Carpet is in okay condition, I would definitely replace it though. With floor mats in it looks good in there.

Both rear doors currently have the door panels off, I was planing to fiberglass some speaker pods (2) 6.5's on the top of each door. So I needed to remove them.

Here are some pics I have of the moment, will re-take some more when ever it stops raining out here.

Seat covers

Here is the damage on the passenger side I was talking about.

Looking for a quick sale, if interior is a problem I planed on wrapping all the interior trim in tweed and headliner and new carpet and redo all four door panels (would be looking for about $1,200 firm is so), I know of a junk yard that usually has A LOT of box chevys out there so any interior piece/body parts you may want or need is out there.

I tryed my best to describe the car and what condition it is in since I dont have much updated pics to give you guys at the moment, if you have any more questions or offers just shoot me a pm.
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