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$500 no lower

1990 deville
i think 80-90k miles

the good:
gutts are clean
seats work
decent daily driver

paint on top is faded
front power windows dont work
fabric on headliner on the A pillars are faded u can dye them back
AC blows but takes a while to get really cold but does get cold(could need freeon?)
needs 4 new spark plugs but i cant reach the other side starts to change them

this is my brothers car, he has a new car now so he gave it 2 me and im sellin it. like i said its a nice decent daily only thing it would need is a tune up and it would be good to go. im sellin it for no lower then $500 thats wha i owe him for it and i need it out of here to make room for another car im buying.

feel free to PM me for any questions

im gonna try and get pics tomorrow or friday morning.

the car is burgany and burgandy cloth insides.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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