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i have no storage for it and need this thing gone
any resonable cash offer/trade will be taken like i said i need this out of here
i bought this car for $5000 in "03" and drove it for a total of 13 months and its been sitting ever since. this car runs like a fuckin champ and i would drive it to California tomarrow if i needed to

the good
new timing belt less than 5000 miles
new clutch,preassure plate, and fallout bearing less than 5000 miles
brand new brakes
complete system flush with all new filters
newer alternator
newer plugs,wires,distributer and cap
cat. back stainless steel exhaust
5 speed manual
2 door
factory alarm
pioneer cd player
new cv jiont

the bad
some nice scratches on the hood and passenger door(not to the metal,no rust)
rust around the rear wheel wells( just like most older hondas get
inside drivers door latch is semi broken(no problem opening door)

thats all i can think of now any questions just ask
im gonna get some pics up later today
like i said it runs great with great gas milage
all cash offers/ trades will be considered :biggrin:
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