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1990 Toyota Celica GT For Sale $2000

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I have a 1990 Toyota Celica for sale. I am asking $2,000 or would consider any interesting trades. Lookin for 18s or 20s with tires for a 01 Chrysler Sebring Coupe. Sounds, TVs, pimp-my-house type shit, or whatever. I just aint got no time for this poor little car, lol.
Whats Up??

-Shaved door handles
-1994 Sunfire headlight conversion
-1997 Honda Prelude taillight conversion
-Fully molded Erebuni body kit
-Power sunroof
-Etched windshield
-Paint has...prismatique flakes, candies, several pearls, graphics, ghost murals...There are pearlescent skulls all over the car and some murals of evil faces "pushing" through the paint. The pics dont do it justice. There are NO decals on this car. All paint and the TOYOTA on the windshield is etched
-Front bumper cover needs some repair, should be an easy fix though
-2.2L with around 100,000 miles
-Custom cold air intake
-Performance chip
-LOUD exhaust, I think a straight pipe going to a magnaflow muffler
-It does have a small crack in the radiator, but I have a new one for it
-The thing runs great, pretty fast too.
-Automatic transmission

-Is pretty much gutted. Previous owner was going to fiberglass the whole inside. The basics are there though.
-Power windows and locks
-It has a custom dash painted purple
-There is a custom center console built for a CD player
-It has Nissan 240SX front seats

Hit me up with offers at [email protected] or call or text message me at (218)280-4129

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ill trade ya a 1973 pontiac lemans
that's an INTERESTING looking car :S
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