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1990 turbo mustang

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-Stock ported and polished Heads, new valve seals, crane springs, and milled just a bit to clean it up and seal correctly w/ thicker Felpro Head gaskets
-Edlebrock Performer intake w/ 3/8" spacer and painted black
-New water pump
-160 Degree thermostat
-chrome radiator hoses
-AFCO 2 core 1" cores aluminum radiator
-electric fan
-JAZ catch can
-Powermaster 140 amp alternator
-70mm BBK t/b and spacer w/ EGR delete
-FMS a/c delete
-March underdrive pulleys

-MSD 6BTM w/ remote boost retard and rev limiter
-MSD Coil
-MSD cap and rotor
-FMS blue plug wires
-NGK 1 step colder plugs
-Silcon/fiberglass wire protectors
-Pro-M 3.5" MAF cal. for #42's
-Taylor polished aluminum sealed batter relocation kit in hatch

-Stock t5
-Pro 5.0 shifter
-King Cobra clutch
-Paterson Driveshaft ( Driveshaft shop in Indy)
-FMS 3:55 gears
-Southside lower rear control arms
-Eibach lowering springs
-BBK adj. clutch quadrant
-Power Slot slotted front rotors
-KYB shocks and struts
-Alburn Pro diff.
-Kenny brown sub frames

-255 intank
-Vortech Billet Rails
-Earl's fittings
-Black braided line
-#42 green top injectors

-Presicion PT-61 turbo
-Tial 44mm W/G
-Tial 50mm BOV
-Big Cartech FMIC
-all silicone couplers
-all v-bands and t-bolts
-polished aluminum intercooler to intake piping
-Mac Headers redone and flipped w/ all custom piping and all head coated and wrapped
-all hoses close to heat have silcone/fiberglass wrapping
-Halman manual boost controller

-Autometer shift light
-Autometer 2 5/8" water temp
-Autometer 2 5/8" oil psi
-Autometer 2 5/8" a/c vent plate for gauges above
-Autometer dual piller pod
-Autometer 2 1/16" boost
-Electric 2 1/16" fuel psi
-Greddy turbo timer w/ timer, batter volt, a/f capabilities
-very clean grey interior but missing spring for ash tray

-17x9.5 cobra r's w/ silver rim lip and black spokes
-Kumo 255/40/17 front
-BFG 275/40/17 back

-5% tint
-Cobra rear bumper cover
-GT wing
-4" fiberglass cowl hood w/ hood pins

asking 9500 obo
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get me pics and an email addy and I will post this on my local mustang forum
when u said turbo i pictured a 4cyl...thats a 5.0... very creative...
what sort of power does it put out and on what psi?
it is around 550-600 whp and 655 ft tq at 14 psi
I'm located in Indianapolis, IN
Originally posted by Six Trey@Aug 7 2005, 03:15 AM~3555369
it is around 550-600 whp  and 655 ft tq at 14 psi
How's that stock T5 holding all that power? I torpedoed 3 with only 320RWHP.

I got to say, nice job on doing a turbo of a kind. I'm only an hour north of you, would love to take a ride in it. What part of Indy you in?
i dont beat on the car so that has alot to do w/ the stock tranny holding plus this is the second one in there and this is a wc t5z but yea if you would beat on it, it probably will break but i only do like 3rd gear pulls. I live on the southside by greenwood
Originally posted by Six Trey@Aug 7 2005, 03:15 AM~3555369
it is around 550-600 whp  and 655 ft tq at 14 psi

:0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0
taking offers.. cash only

anyway alright tired of ebay and the dead beat bidders so I am going to sell it for 7k obo and no trades.. just cash
I know what you mean, I had a87 gn that was awesome,just couldn't get all my money back out of it...Your car looks great and I'm sure it runs well its just an older car, you will just have to find the right person for it... I would love to have it.. I just don't have that kind of money,also it would cost me probably 1000 just to come and get it and bring it back to fl.
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