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1991 Chevy S10 Blazer

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I have tried to lower my blazer with the $6.00 coil clamps they sell at discount, problem is the bolts are too short. So I go to home depot, get longer bolts, and now I cant get them in.

My homie's dad has a torch. Could/ Should I remove the shocks, heat the coils to lower to a specific hight, then replace the shocks: or cut the springs???? I already bought the $25.00 lowering blochs for the rear

I want to most heat the coils.

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A whole day and only one response!!!!!!

Thanks bro, how much is an alignment??
Nevermind, ya'll are too slow!!!! I already went to my homie's dads house and cut the coils. you think i'mma spend $100- $200 for some springs?!?! I lowered the back 2" with the blocks and 3-3.5"?? front , for $25and that only covered the back, with the necessary tools, the front was free!!! I didnt even say sh** about buying coils, did I?? dont you think I know about lowering coils?? I'm just pissed that you cant take the time to read my signature to see what date I was doing this sh** :mad: :mad:
Originally posted by ******@Sep 21 2003, 08:09 PM
you call that lowered! ..................................................... i dont know what i'm talking about so i'll shut up now.
Shut up hater
no dont be a smart ass, you dint have to be jealous, just cause i lowered my ride for cheap. you couldve said,"why didnt you make it lower?" and i wouldve replied,"Its my daily" instead of talkin shit. :cheesy:
alright homie no prob. ;)
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