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1992 B2200 that wont fire, needs the wiring looked over... comes with...
shaved door handles
shaved tailgate
shaved gas door
frenched liscence plate
Pathfinder rims
weber carb
tweed bucket seats
tweed door panels
9 gallon air tank
2 manual valves (f/b)
viar dual needle gauge
rear bag brackets
2 firestone 2600's
1 good 2500, 1 blown
frame is notched
front brackets are installed

will trade for ANYTHING YOU GOT, rims toys golf carts cars trucks boats planes busses, systems ANYTHING i really need this truck gone this weekend


OR $800 CASH

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Originally posted by J P@Aug 4 2005, 09:47 PM~3543299
ill give you two 12 inch audio bahns in a custom box( the ones with the chrome flame backs) and two cheapo amps and ill meet you half way

im in hbg pa

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