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1997 Lincoln Town Car in Des Moines, Iowa - 97,XXX miles. This car came from Florida in late January/early February. It was in Florida all it's life before that I believe. The car is good and built right, not a junk box. Hit me up on here or call/text 515-745-9887

- 2 pump 4 dump 8 battery setup.
- 6 switches (Front/Back/All corners) WILL 3 wheel but I do not do it very often. Also has never been hopped.
- Black Magic extended upper A Arms (Currently extended to 1 inch, no ugly negative camber)
- 13k HID headlights
- Has an aftermarket Kenwood CD player but it's not really playing CD's, so it's safe to say it just needs replaced.

THE BAD: The Lincoln symbol on the hood was busted off, still have it.
- Rear tires could be replaced. They have outer wear from being on the front, but they're now sitting flat on the rear so I haven't worried about it.
- Some surface rust on the wheels. The wheels are a few years old. I have a detailer on the south side who has acid washed a lot of other spoke wheels of friends that turned out great. So it's nothing perminate.
- Left rear knockoff doesn't match the other 3, had to put a temporary one on, had an issue with the knockoff that was there before.

I'm just too broke to daily drive a lowrider right now. Looking for a good daily, preferably a 5 speed Honda/Acura/Mitsubishi/Nissan. Also taking cash offers. PM me some offers!

Here's a video that has some footage of it, aswell as a 3 wheel

Original build thread.
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