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Hey I got some new subs so im sellin my Rockford Hx2's there are 2 of em and they come in the box. These speakers retail for jus a little over $250 a piece they have a peak of 1200 watts a piece they beat hard. If u buy these b ready to readjust ur rearview lol cuz the bass shakes it these are some good subs if u are in michigan pm me and we can meet. As far as price goes make me some reasonable offers and i might accept. Both subs work fine.

A lil more info:
dual 4-ohm voice coils
CONsealer gasket hides mounting screws and prevents air leaks around the frame
frequency response 24-200 Hz
peak power 1,200 watts
sensitivity 89 dB SPL
top mount depth 6-15/16"

they are in good condition and have a custom box that is smaller so it can fit in most trunks

A pic of what the sub looks like is at:,mss__cat_id--119...78,rf--wgg.html
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