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2 pumps 8 batts

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u think this will be ok for my first set up. i'm getting a car that is already juiced but everything works fine. Its got 2 homies pumps for now..never heard of them
4 switches..any info would be helpful
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is it reinforced at all??
no a first setup should have atleast 4 pumps 12 batts!! :uh:
i started out with 2 pumps i had 4 but when you add all that battery weight you stress alot 2 pumps is a very straight set up once you get familiar with it just add a bad ass pump of your choice and 8 more batts to the nose
yea the car look straight and everything so i dunno..but yea he was tellin me the car is heavy as fuck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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