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Currently turning a delta 88 1984 coupe into a lowrider.
full frame wrap etc.
This is the kit i have bought :

4 x pro hopper pumps
8” front rams
12” rear rams
4ton coils
8 batteries
12 noids
Going to run 48v to each pump.

will this setup hop good ?

I got the wildstyle
Instragram: Kiloz_One
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Do you have questions about this?
(4) pumps is kind of a 90's thing now its all (2) or (3) pump setups.
If you plan on hopping (4) pump and (4) dumps wont work as good as any of the following to the nose:
(2) pumps (1) dump @ 48 volts each
(1) Pump (1) dump @ 96 volts

I like Pro Hopper, not sure if you know they went out of business over a decade ago. They stuff is getting harder to find and still sought after.
The key to any setup is the dump valves, Adex is the best, adel's are ok if you cant get a square a Italian can do and delta's are at the bottom of the list.

Now ill tell you the science / engineering why a (4) pump (4) dump setup wont work as good as the ones listed above.

When you have two diffrent dumps to the front the timing will never be as good as running 1 dump. pulling power from the same (24) V source one will almost always open and close faster then the other.

Same is true with Motors. If youre feeding both front cylinders off a pump each it comes into a timing issue due to power supply.

If you want (2) pumps to the front union them and run 1 dump.

If you have questions ask, good luck.

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Thanks for reply Kilos.
2 pumps wired with 1 dump for front.
2 pump 2 dump for rear ?

or how would a 3 pump setup work.
ie ...would i need 2 pumps for rear. One for front
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