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59 quarter trim

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heres 5 pcs of quarter trim for a 2 door 59 impala. 3 are original pieces needing restoring (2 of which are the longer top pieces). the other 2 have been tigged together and restored, and look really nice. altogether there are 3 bottom short pieces and 2 long top pieces. asking $500 shipped OBO i will trade for other 59 parts...

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taking offers
open to any and all offers...i can use cash to finish my 62 bubble top or will trade for 59 parts...
$425 shipped :0 :0 :0
you're not going to find a better deal on hard to find trim...
$425 shipped
ttt will take offers or trades... will consider anything i can use on my 59...
ttt for all the homies with tax money :cheesy:
i would think so...i didnt do the work, i wish i could take credit for it though because they look pretty damn good :0
ttt make offers or trades
offers? i need some cash...
1 - 16 of 18 Posts
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