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i decided to break bad on the 62 over the weekend and seperate the body from the frame and do all the metal where i could get to it by myself....

i am either going to sell the metal to hook someone else up on fixing a rotted body, or fix these and save a lot more.

i have the rear box brace mounts, new, super solid backseat floor, upper trunk floor needs sides welded on where they meet the wheelhouses and a lip at the bottom for the lower trunk pan and better fixes of the metal where the box brace mounts go onto.

also, the trunk pan in the center. its not perfect, its been drilled out in a few spots where a fuel cell was used, but its pretty solid and good to repair and put in. i have a new one, fuck it, its free , come get the shit .

free with purchase of the other metal! i gotta raise some loot for the new pieces!

$300 for all of it. trunk upper, pan, box braces, backseat floor. do the math. its a deal!

pickup only in wheeling wv . i'm in between PA and Ohio. :biggrin:
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